About us

Dear Friends!

Welcome to the web page of JES – Jakość Energia Starachowice  (Quality Energy Starachowice) Association.

We are the NGO from the Świętokrzyskie region in Poland operating within Starachowice municipality.

The main goals of JES are:
– creating a positive image of Starachowice,
– promoting valuable initiatives in Starachowice,
– releaising the energy of citizens to act in the urban space,
– fostering the remarkable intellectual thought among the people of Starachowice,
– promoting friendly and positive atmosphere of life in Starachowice,
– cultural and educational activities at the local level,
– promoting civil attitudes,
– voluntary works,
– supporting business developement.

We are open for international cooperation!

Our members have experience in creating and participation in projects organized in: Georgia, Montenegro, Portugal, Turkey and Poland.

To contact with us please:
send an e-mail: stowarzyszenie.jes @ gmail.com